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What Are Tradelines?

Experian defines a tradelines as “Entry by a credit grantor to a customer’s credit history continued by a credit reporting agency. A trade line defines the consumer’s account status and activity. Tradeline info comprises names of businesses where the applicant has financial records, dates accounts were opened, credit limits, types of accounts, balances owed and payment histories.”  Equifax defines the term tradeline more concisely as “A credit industry term for an account recorded on a credit report”.  So, in other words, the three major credit reporting agencies (CRAs) including: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax publishes data that reflects what is given to them by a person’s creditor. The data received and then published in the respective CRA report is usually reported and shown monthly on the person’s report and will be either a positive or derogatory remark based on the performance of the person whose account it is. Thus, in the credit industry it refers to each separate reporting of an account as a “tradeline.”

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Tradelines can help to boost your personal or business credit score, but it is imperative that the tradeline you choose has: 1) a very good track record or history of payments, 2) a low balance (typically 30% or below used of the total credit available) and, 3) the tradeline must have longevity, in other words the older the age of the tradeline or credit account the better.  You can undoubtedly receive huge benefits when adding tradelines to your credit profile. However, there can also be disadvantages to adding a tradeline as well.  Just as tradelines can boost your credit score they can also hurt your credit score as well because it is vital that the tradeline you choose to acquire is in good standing. Tradeline information includes the name of the company where the applicant has an account, the date the account was opened, the credit limit, the type of account, the balance and payment history.  Lots of people with low or poor credit purchase tradelines so that they can piggyback off someone who has been paying their payments, keeps a low balance, has longevity, etc.

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 Ask About Our Tradeline Packages, They Include a Free CPN! 











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