New Credit Identity

Do you feel locked down by having poor credit? Well you should! Because it severely limits your freedom to operate in the world. Did you know that it’s very possible and very practical to own not one but two or more credit profiles for financial gain and enhanced flexibility? Most people are not aware of this.  We can show you an excellent method to transform your life into a new refreshing financial adventure.

One of the most effective methods is to utilize what is known as a “Credit Profile Number” or also known as a “Credit Privacy Number” (CPN).  The CPN, is a nine digit identification number that is used as a transmitting utility specifically for the reporting of financial information to major credit reporting bureaus.  The CPN is not an EIN nor is it a SCN and it’s not a ITIN or TIN.  This unique 9-digit number can be used in lieu the person’s Social Security number when needing to obfuscate your personal Social Security number. However, it is important you understand that the CPN is not a substitute for your Social Security number. The primary benefit of the CPN for individuals is its attribute of allowing credit transactions to be tracked for the purposes of reporting and archiving the history of an individual’s credit history. Rather than using a Social Security number for all credit transactions, using a credit privacy number makes it easier to categorize finances in the event of identity theft. Without access to a Social Security number, the thief is somewhat limited in the amount of difficulties that are created for the rightful owner of the number. This is because there are several types of financial transactions that cannot be conducted using this number. Transactions that cannot be conducted using a CPN include information given to an employer, documents submitted to the Internal Revenue Service, and registering a car or truck. The number also cannot be used when applying for one of the several government sponsored home loan options, such as Sallie Mae or a FHA loan. However, a legal CPN can be used when applying for credit cards and obtaining financing that is not government related when full disclosure is provided by the owner of the CPN.

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The CPN is a completely legal and legitimate alternative readily used in the place of your Social Security Number (SSN). When you follow our specific instructions this offers you that second chance you so rightfully deserve. Your new CPN will also allow for greater leverage in the use of your new outlay of cash credit! Lastly, it can also be used as an excellent tool to aid in building your corporate business’ credit more expeditiously (Ask Us How!).

Upon purchasing your new CPN, we not only provide your new CPN number but we can also ensure that your CPN profile is created at each of the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian) this process is also known as a “Tri-Merge”.  We can also provide the necessary blueprint-plan on how to transform your new CPN/identity into very liquid and profitable venture for you by showing you the viable way of qualifying and securing funds from multiple lending sources, for either business or personal needs.  Additionally, upon purchasing, we immediately show how you can acquire a new Mastercard or Visa with your new credit identity profile securing a $300-$500 credit line. Subsequently, your new Mastercard/Visa will adequately create the initial and necessary tradeline as a starting point for building your new credit history reputation on your new credit profile. Subsequent to receiving your new Mastercard/Visa you will also be given the option of acquiring additional tradelines for your new credit identity which can expedite building your new credit profile’s credit score to 750+ and above. Once the CPN is built adequately, you receive many benefits and rewards… for instance, the ability to purchase a new car needing no money down will realistically be within your reach. We provide detailed instructions and walk you through step-by-step of this unique process. For instance, one of the things you’ll need to adequately establish a profile is a new telephone number. We highly recommend eVoice for the rich & professional features it provides – You should definitely grab it now while the Free Trial is being offered – click on the banner below (you can always cancel after the free trial if you don’t want to continue):

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For more information on the legality of utilizing the CPN view the video provided below.

CPN(Number Only): $79

Tri-Merged CPN (Number Included w/Full Trimerge Process): $199

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In spite of the overwhelming evidence of their efficacy, and in spite of their being widely in use, the Credit Privacy Number still remains a dubious credit instrument in the minds of some. This is partly due to the fact that the use of the CPN is forbidden when purchasing real estate.

Our program and/or service is not intended as a method to be used in the defrauding of banks, financial institutions, creditors, or any other organization that requires your social security number for qualification.  Nor should our service/program be used as a method to avoid paying existing or future debts. Whenever you create a debt, then you are consequently responsible to repay that debt.  Therefore, will do not agree nor support any effort to facilitate, nor do we in any way condone any fraudulent activity. The information provided herein is solely informational only and use said information is done so at your own risk. We are not lawyers, attorneys, nor are we any sort of legal services. All sales are final, there are no refunds for CPN orders. If for any reason there is a problem with the number issued it will be replaced.
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